We watch and keep watching. Our challenge to provide best, stable and quality service

The Challenge

Our challenge to provide best, stable and quality service

The Solution

We have slolution for IPTV service for all kind of IPTV devices 


FAQ1: How to use streamline?


Answer: Streamline provide you username and password that can be used in android, kodi or ios app. Stream line provide also m3u/m3u_plus playlist link that can be used in smart tv, vlc, perfect player or several iptv app.

You find more instructions here: Device Instructions

FAQ2: How to use MAG device service?


MAG device service is required to watch channels and movies on mag box and stb emulator app. You need to add mac address of your device/app during the order of this service. 

You find more instructions here: Device Instructions

FAQ3: How to use E2 IPTV subscription?


E2 or Enigma 2 subscription is designed to use in your Enimga box. You need to install a plugin called XtreamTV first. After installation you need to open it and find there a mac address. During the order process you have to add this mac address. 

You find more instructions here: Enigma 2 device instructions

FAQ4: What means by subscription of streamline + MAG Device

 You can buy two services together paying for only one subscription. This option is useful if you have mag device and streamline supported device. You can activate both devices during order process. But keep in mind that you can watch channels on any one device at the same time. 

FAQ5: I cannot see channel list in group/category. What can I do?

 You need to use m3u_plus playlist link to load channels with group/category. We recommend to use m3u_plus link for your smart tv and other m3u link supported device.

FAQ6: How to renew the subscription?

 The automation system will send you an invoice before the end of current billing period. You can pay it manually or our automation system deducts the money from your account on the due date if it’s applicable. While the invoice is paid, the system renews the service instantly. We suggest to pay the invoice in time to get non-stop service.  

FAQ7: I want to cancel the service. What I need to do now?

 If you are not interested anymore to continue the service, you have to cancel it to stop generating an automatic invoice. Please login to the account, go to service details and click on request cancellation.   

FAQ8: My IP is blocked due to wrong password. What can I do?

 If you try to login to your account with the wrong password, the system will block your IP and you cannot login anymore. In this case, We suggest you open a ticket and provide your email address so that admin can unblock your id and IP.

FAQ9: I cannot see all channels in my device. What i need to do for getting full list in my device?

 You have to buy a paid service to get the full list of channels on your device. An updated list of channels you can find here: Channels list.